What is the AST crypto AirSwap?


AirSwap AST describes itself as a decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading network powered by Ethereum.

 What is AST: it is a joint venture with Consensys which known as one of Ethereum’s leading developers.

It is a decentralized exchange designed safely and privately in mind. The company aims to provide clients with a trading experience

airswap ASTAirSwap aims to make the buying and selling of tokens secure, simple, and without fees.

Users will be able to exchange their codes without having to go to central exchanges.

The Ethereum-based altcoins platform will help many investors enjoy an easy time, especially during new versions of altcoins.

Therefore, it’s good to know that AST implements the Swap protocol and currently has three products:

  • Instant,
  • Spaces
  • DexIndex.

So AirSwap Instant enables intuitive token trading for beginners to experts–find tokens, get prices, and make trades.

And AirSwap Trader is a shareable, trustless escrow that works for you. Buy or sell any token, to anyone, with peace of mind. Connect and trade with confidence.


From the attached chart we find that the currency may fall slightly to 206 – 163 Satoshi levels to complete the equilateral pattern

And we expect it to start bouncing back to the targets shown on the chart.

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Marowa Al Tujjar
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