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All you need to know about Tael WABI


Tael (WABI) describes itself as a numeric code used in the system for consumer products.

Consumer goods within the system are secured from counterfeit attempts through smart labels such as bank-level NFC, which are linked to their crypto representations on the blockchain.

Consumers touch the label with their smartphones to check product quality, discover product history along Block Chain, and be rewarded for their purchases using the Tael token.

Tael WABI system products consumer

Tael is used as a means of payment through the Tael system and its partners.

When you see the Tael currency symbol, you are getting safe products.

Every new consumer carries tael WABI which reduces the supply traded on the open market.

Consumers cannot sell taels on stock exchanges but they can only use them in the system, where they get taels again

Companies spend their marketing budget on Tiles to market their products to consumers.

Techrock, formerly known as Walimai, is the company that heads the system in which Tael symbols are used.

Techrock labels are used to seal products for physical and digital quality assurance.

  • Techrock has built a B2C market where consumers can purchase genuine consumer products.
  • Techrock also acts as a supplier of Original Products (B2B).

What does Tael prepare?

TAEL is about a new phase focused on sales and usage in the real world.

For you, as the owner of the Tael token, it is important to know how Tael & Techrock plays its role in the system, and how our sales and partnerships affect the real world.

In the coming weeks, we will be publishing many articles on key aspects of our system, explaining how things work.

The Tayl flow includes four different actors, each of which plays an important role in the system.

These are the four actors:

  • Consumers
  • Brands and dealers
  • Exchanges
  • Techrock

How does Tayel protect its products?

All of our products are protected by NFC intelligent packaging, which is applied at designated origin points, and authenticated along the supply chain

Each label authenticates the product on Techrock’s blockchain. This data cannot be falsified or deleted by anyone, including Techrock.

To ensure that only authentic, high-quality products enter the supply chain and reach the hands of Techrock-protected products which are specifically selected by our dedicated sourcing team and can be found in offline retail outlets across China or purchased online through WeChat dedicated store.

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