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Everything you should know about AppCoin

AppCoin  is an open and distributed protocol for app stores based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

It redesigns app advertising, in-app purchases (IAP), and app approval flows through a circular model.

AppCoin  app  Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

As a higher share of the advertising and IAP revenue is kept within the app ecosystem, more value is retained in the app economy.

Being an open protocol, it would theoretically provide more transparency and trust.

Multiple app stores can implement and benefit from this and stakeholders will have to contribute to its development and adoption.

Furthermore, API integration will streamline implementation.

AppCoins integrates app stores, users, developers, advertisers, and OEMs.

This system is app store agnostic, existing across different mobile platforms (Android & iOS).

The different app stores act as oracles of the smart contracts, which are associated with each of the platform’s core transactions.

This system creates a trust layer for the economy, obviating the need for intermediaries.

AppCoins aims to become the universal language of the app economy.

The protocol also includes a so-called Proof-of-Attention system.

Users,stores, and OEMs receive tokens through the Proof-of Attention concept as a reward.

Developers that want to advertise their apps can be sure that the user has installed and used it.

The users reinvest their tokens via in-app purchases and this would theoretically create a virtuous loop that boosts the AppCoins economic growth.

What are the advantages of AppCoins currency?

  • Integrate AppCoins technology once and distribute the same Android APK file in all channels: Third-party and OEM app stores, APK websites, direct downloads from your own site
  • Increased Revenue Share
  • Reduced Mobile Ad Fraud
  • APPC is based on ERC20 Standard, compliant with top popular Wallets in the market
Launched yesterday 8 January 2017 currency giant APPCOIN, which will be an alternative in the purchase of applications for smartphones instead of Visa and MasterCard and the draft currency will also match the technology of Google play and Aptoide Store and All independent stores.
 Technology experts expect to occupy the currency and its unique project rank very advanced in the arrangement of the currency market and modern technology.
Where currency experts expected the currency to reach $ 100 within the first three months of the currency, which reinforces these expectations that the number Currency is only 450 million.

Marowa Al Tujjar
Marowa Al Tujjar
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