Are we really going to know Satoshi Nakamotoand ?


We’ve always wondered when we look at the vast world of cryptocurrencies. when we were surprised we said where such an idea came from to Satoshi Nakamotoand 

and who is the owner of this wonderful world?

Satoshi Nakamotoand  cryptocurrencies
Satoshi Nakamotoand cryptocurrencies

Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most names with a question mark on her side there were many questions around it .

Who is the creator of Bitcoin digital currency?

Why did he hide for 10 years?

Why didn’t he exchange his 980,000 bitcoins?

Today, these answers will become available and simple because Satoshi Nakamoto decided to show himself and provide information about him in three stages, each stage written in detail in a book written by himself called “My Reveal”.

  • The first day is on August 18th.
  • The second part of his big statement is scheduled for August 19 at 4 pm. EDT.
  • The third and final installment will take place on August 20 at 4 pm. Eastern Time.

So what will Nakamoto explain in these three stages?

  • his real name.
    Why did not move any of the Bitcoin has 980,000.
    Country of Origin.
    Educational and professional background.
    His plans for a bitcoin renaissance (meaning a rebirth)
  • As a guide, Nakamoto will illustrate the role of zeros and cryptography play in his dedication to Chaldean numerology in many decisions in the creation of Bitcoin.
  • At the grand end, Satoshi claims the “real” that he will unveil a project called Tabula Rasa, “his clean vision of the transformative Bitcoin renaissance.”
  • Nakamoto will also reveal why he chose August 18th not just to register in 2008.

The final two parts of Nakamoto’s “My Reveal” will be posted on and on Monday and Tuesday at 4 pm. EDT.

Satoshi, who owns Bitcoin = $ 9.8 billion
Bitcoin Cash $ 323 million
Bitcoin Gold $ 18 million now


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Marowa Al Tujjar
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