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British faces important days in its history


Yesterday, the eyes turned to Britain with fears of something worse than the suspension of the British Parliament or Brexit without a deal.

There was no optimism about what was happening in Britain or the hope of protecting European markets or protecting a border with Ireland.

British  Britain  British Parliament

Boris Johnson, the new prime minister on which all hopes were pinned, suffered a major defeat yesterday before the parliamentary majority ahead of a crucial Brexit vote.


A conservative deputy joined the ranks of the pro-European Liberal Democrats.

Blows to Johnson fell early, and he received a stab live from Rep. Philip Lee.

He moved from his position among conservative lawmakers and walked into the ranks of opposition Liberal Democrats, declaring his split.

The Conservative Alliance and the Irish Party lose the likely vote in which they outnumber all opposition members with one vote.

This came as a strong shock to him and he lost that he had a majority in the votes.

All of this was a warning to Johnson that difficult times await him in the coming days.

Yesterday, parliament tried to vote on a law aimed at preventing Britain from leaving the Union.

The House of Commons voted 328 to 301 to control the agenda, meaning they could introduce a bill seeking to delay the date of exit.

Faced with that early defeat for Johnson, the British prime minister accused parliament.

“Wasting more time, giving more strengths to the EU,” he waved early elections.

If they win the first vote on Tuesday night, opposition lawmakers will be able to get out without an agreement on Wednesday. Parliament to come out without agreement.

Boris Johnson pledged to remove his country from the European Union on October 31.

Whether an agreement was negotiated or not, and with the will of 52% of Britons who supported the exit during the 2016 referendum.

What do the opponents of Johnson want?

Opponents want Brexit and require the prime minister to ask for a three-month delay.

If he could not get a new deal with the EU by October 19.

After all, where did the British government go?

The government pre-empted the vote by announcing that it would call early elections on October 14.

If the House of Commons votes against the wishes of its Speaker.

If Conservative rebels carry out their threat to control parliament to restrict the government to legislation that prevents the UK from leaving the EU without an agreement.

Parliament will hold a vote on the memo on Wednesday.

Johnson must get the approval of two-thirds of the 650 members of parliament, if he can.

When the date of the vote is dissolved next Friday, the earliest date for the elections is October 17.

Also Wednesday, lawmakers will vote on a bill requiring the prime minister to seek Brussels’ approval to delay Brexit.

Decisive days in British history:

British lawmakers on Tuesday resumed work in parliament for a few days, before the House of Commons was suspended.

These days, they will seek to exploit legal loopholes in which they can introduce a bill that would require the government to request an extension of the EU exit period and prevent the UK from leaving the bloc without an agreement.

The coming days could mark a sharp turn in the history of the United Kingdom, observers say.

It is expected to see an attempt by opposition lawmakers to strip the government of the power to decide which bills to vote on.

If that happens, they will introduce a bill to be passed next week that obliges Johnson to get EU approval.

This is to postpone the date of leaving the European Union during the European summit scheduled for mid-October.

On Wednesday morning, if the lawmakers are in control of the agenda.

They may turn to the second phase of their plan, a law seeking to prevent Britain from leaving the EU without agreement.

Since lawmakers have yet to publish the bill they want to pass in parliament, it is unclear how the government will act.

If the previous phase of the plan is successful, the bill has been approved in the House of Commons.

It will be passed to the House of Lords and its official role is to scrutinize and root out legislation.

However, for the law to be effective, it must be approved by the Lords.

During discussions in the Council, members may deliberately demand that this give the government additional time to pass its plan.

Although observers rule out such a stall in the House of Lords.

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