Many tips for creating their own business without giving up your job

Many people dream of giving up their jobs from 9am to 5pm to start their own business, but many successful entrepreneurs have had to retain their core jobs, for a while, until they reached a certain point in their own business, and it became feasible enough.

own business entrepreneurs
own business entrepreneurs entrepreneurs

This stage can be stressful, especially when you are not enjoying your work in the first place.

Here are some steps you can start to get closer to your dream, but without leaving your job.

How many people can start their own business?

1. Focus on products, not services:

The first idea that entrepreneurs can think of is to exploit the skills and experience they have in the business world.

And provide it as an advisory service to build work focused on counseling.

The problem of counseling as a side job is that you don’t have a private job, you have a job.

Services are a tough business, because you have to sell your time in them; if not many people are working on their own business, they won’t earn a lot of money.

When you retain your full-time job and perform lateral consultative work, it will eventually lead to fatigue and collapse.

Instead of selling services, discover a way to create a product. If you are going to offer a consulting service, collect a course or a course that you can sell.

Many writers sell their books on Amazon for $ 1 a copy, and make money even while they sleep. Your thinking about the services you can provide.

Turning it into a product that can be sold is extremely intelligent and creative. If you do this you will make a profit even if it is not working!

2. Turn your hobbies into a business:

Starting a new project takes a lot of time, so it’s best to do something you enjoy from the start.

Think about the way you spend your spare time, and what do you feel really passionate about?

You may have a passion for cooking, so find a way to earn money by cooking.

If you like fishing, open a shop to sell its tools, or if you are an avid reader and love writing.

Harness your art to serve your work; it is successful works that bring together science, art and hobby.

3. Learn how to invest:

An important way to create a side business is to create an investment business.

his means investments that require small capital along with a small contribution of your time and effort.

You can invest your savings in the purchase of reliable financial assets that generate good incomes that may exceed your current salary.

This is a smart step towards financial freedom.

This investment requires part of your time in financial learning, as well as prioritizing saving money to invest, and once you enter the game there will be no limits to your ambition.

And don’t forget that you can do this work in your spare time.

4. Focus on the management and development of your project and do everything on your own:

Many people who own their own business want to do everything on their own, thinking that this will reduce costs.

But it would be better to find a professional, or even one or two employees who can work with you.

So you spend the bulk of your time managing and developing your work better. Focusing on thinking about growing your business from the start will help you grow it into more than just a side job.

5. Work to form a distinguished team:

Many entrepreneurs and side businesses are stingy; they try to save money and not spend on work like accounting or legal aspects.

But since they are not trained to do such jobs, they will incur additional long-term costs, both time and opportunity costs.

Hire a part-time certified public accountant to adjust your accounts, and hire a lawyer or legal adviser to follow up on your legal affairs.

If you work in real estate, work with an experienced realtor.

Focus on the work that has improved and let the rest do their job.

6. Set your schedule efficiently:

A common excuse for some people is how do I work as a part-time job while working full-time?

I don’t have time. This is far from reality.

If they see themselves and how they spend their time, they will find a lot of time to do a lot of work.

The problem with many people is that they allow their schedule to be controlled rather than controlled.

If you want to work in a side job and at the same time continue your basic job.

You have to become an expert in time management and productivity.

Reduce the time you watch TV or the time you go out with your friends to sit in the cafe.

You will be surprised at how much time you will find yourself able to do your work.

7. Tapped Technology:

There are many technological tools to help you reduce the time of many tasks that took long hours of your previous time, and finish them in just a few seconds or minutes

Conduct research, manage customer services and marketing automation programs to automatically send your mandatory messages.

Use the project management software to help you manage your team.

The opportunities for exploiting technology are endless.

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Marowa Al Tujjar
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