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Triangle Correction in Elliot Wave

As mentioned in our previous report, the correction has two types: Simple Correction. Compound Correction. The composite patch is divided into 3 types: Triangle...

Simple correction and how can we read it?

Simple correction  consists of a model of the main Elliot wave pattern ,one of which is a 3-wave reflective reversal of the previous price...
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The Differences between Collaps and correction

What is the difference between a correction and a Collaps? A drop is a large and sharp decline in the total value of the...
pin bar sales.

Explanation of the model of the pin-bar-Bullish is one of Japanese candles types

A simple definition of a candle pin bar is one of Japanese candles models , when the appearance of this candlestick gives an expectation...

The model Bullish Engulfing and their characteristics

The simple definition of ingestion candle, in general, This model is one of the most important models in Japanese candles in terms of price...

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