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Everything to know about Monero cryptocurrency

Monero XMR is a private, secure and untraceable cryptocurrency that was launched on April 18, 2014. You are said to have complete control over...

What do you know about Ren

Ren is the first and only protocol that provides access to liquidity between blockchain for all decentralized applications. Blockchain technology has proven itself as...
NEM Copy

Learn more about NEM crypto currency

NEM, symbolized by XEM, means the new economic movement, the block chain written in Java and also in the peer-to-peer smart contract system launched...

BitTorrent and what platform which it belong?

BitTorrent introduced its own BitTorrent crypto currency, which is called BTT, to enable users to exchange the currency to improve network speed. Where it...
Binance BNB

Binance BNB platform and its features

Binance BNB was issued as an ICO instrument in 2017. BNB plans to repurchase the BNB until half of the total available 100 million of...

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