Bank of Japan

Bank of Japan view on the market – Summary

Today Bank of Japan released the economic outlook after maintaining the interest rate without change around 0%. Below points are the most important outlook points...
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Daily report of the FX pairs and commodities

Trump signed hours before sanctions against Iran. However, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc and the gold began to force After the opening of...
russell 2000

Learn more about the Russell 2000 index

Russell 2000 is a small index in the stock market consisting of 2000 shares in the Russell 3000 index. Moreover, is the most common standard...
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Economic War between

Economic War between the United States of America and China The economic war between the two countries began with the Trump campaign, in which Trump...
Triangles corrections

Triangles corrections Elliot Waves

Triangles corrections: In this report we will explain in brief what does Triangles corrections - Elliot Waves means. As we mentioned in our previous reports...

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