Markets falter as Brexit approaches its endgame

European equities opened lower and sterling came off five-month highs on Wednesday as the European Union and Britain resumed talks in Brussels to avert...

financial earnings the Opium Agreement and other events today

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) leads a parade of more financial earnings after JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) stood out among a mediocre set of results...
iranian oil

U.S. concerned about China ships carrying Iranian oil

The White House is warning Chinese shipping companies against turning off their ships' transponders to hide Iranian oil shipments in violation of U.S. sanctions,...
sensex NSE BSE Stocks Stock market Asian market1 770x433

To a recession could hit the global economy in 12-18 months

There’s an “uncomfortably high” chance that a recession could hit the global economy in the next 12-18 months — and policymakers may not be...

Sterling rally pauses, yuan falls

The sterling pound pulled back from its highest level in almost five months versus the dollar on Wednesday, erasing some of the rally sparked...

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