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Coincheck Partnership with Macromill Group

Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, a subsidiary of Japanese financial services firm Monex Group, partnered with marketing research company Macromill Group to launch the Coincheck Survey service that allows its users to exchange reward points for digital assets.

According to Monex Group’s official press release published on Sept. 4.

customers will be able to “exchange Macromill Points, which are offered as compensation for participating in surveys,”

for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple’s XRP starting Sept. 10. The announcement states:

“In partnership with Macromill, a leading marketing research company that offers marketing solutions best suited for clients.

Coincheck is expanding opportunities for an increase in the number of people who start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Coincheck  Macromill services company marketing

Macromill typically offers Macromill Points to Macromill Monitors who participate in the surveys conducted by the company.

The launch of Coincheck Survey makes it possible for monitors to exchange those Macromill Points to cryptocurrencies.

Per the release, a Coincheck account is required for “Macromill Monitors” to participate in the program.

According to Cointelegraph Japan, the program’s exchange rate will be 1 yen per point.

It is also noted that “in addition to cashing for 1 yen per point, it can be exchanged for products, T-points, and Amazon gift certificates.”

As we reported on Aug. 20, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer and technology services company Tpoint Japan also announced a partnership that allows local customers to exchange loyalty program points for BTC and earn rewards for paying in crypto.

With this new service, the Monex-owned exchange is looking to attract more people in the new investing arena of crypto assets.

Meanwhile, the exchange is also looking into entering the lucrative industry of initial exchange offering (IEO) and is currently studying the market.

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