Major pairs, commodities and metals

We will briefly show you the changes in the most important pairs of currencies , commodities and metals against the US Dollar in the Forex market.

Major currencies pairs:

The EUR / USD pair rose in yesterday’s trading 2.2 points with a 0.02% gain.

However, in the day’s opening was down 14.6 points and 0.13% at 6:32 am GMT.

AUD / USD pair is in a steady position in the previous period, where yesterday’s trading rose 24.1 points and gained 0.35%.

At the opening of the market today, the pair boosted its profit to 3.0 points and gained 0.04% at 6:40 am GMT.

The NZD / USD rose 41.2 points in yesterday’s trading and gained 0.62%.

But The market opened today, shedding 6.6 points and losing 0.10% at 6:46 am GMT.

The USD / JPY pair rose 62.7 points in yesterday’s trading with a gain of 0.58%.

At the opening of the market today, it boosted its profits to 32.1 points and gained 0.30% at 6:51 am GMT.

The most important commodities and metals from the opening of the Asian market against the US dollar:

Oil: After being high against the USD this week in the Forex market.

In yesterday’s trading, it reached its highest point this month, up 44 points with a 0.75% gain.

With the opening of the Asian market this morning began a slight drop to 17 points and a loss of 0.28% at 7:02 GMT.

Gold: The price of gold against the US dollar fell 142 points and a loss of 1.1% in trading yesterday.

The opening of the Asian market today continued to decline at 47.6 points and a loss of 0.34%.

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Hassan Hadaoui
Hassan Hadaoui
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