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What do you know about the cup and handle ?

Cup and handle is a consensual form consistent with the shape of a handhold or so-called hand cup. The cup and loop patterns are important technical models where it is one of the most important technical analysis tools you should learn in the Forex market to be a good trader.

Therefore, the technical models give the analyst some guidance on the movement of the market are forms or models are fixed and repeated frequently.

However, it is characterized by a high success rate.

What are the characteristics of a cup and handle model :

cup and handle -technical analysis -handhold  - Forex market

First, it is a consensual harmonic pattern, the pattern supports the general direction of the pair’s movement.

Secondly, it is one of the most important tools of technical analysis of this, attention should be paid to this type of analysis in other schools in order to ensure that the analysis is fully consistent with the general movement of the market as it said by us.

3-The goal of equal cup height
4-In addition The target may be lost at 50% of the height or size of the cup
5-In conclusion The surface line can be re-tested after penetration


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