Daily gold analysis12/17/2019

Daily gold analysis
As we explained the movement on 12-12-2019, but the gold did not fall as we had expected, but it went up and touched the trend and then it fell and until now it did not confirm the decline nor also confirmed the rise so we will wait for confirmation
Since the prices are moving between the top and the bottom, there is no specific path yet, and it is preferable to wait for a break of the top or bottom of the gold in the event of breaking the bottom of 1450.00.
Gold may continue falling to $ 1414 levels before resuming the rise, but the condition of confirming the decline is to break the bottom of 1450.00 to confirm
The following chart shows the points of buying and selling in gold
Daily gold analysis

Marowa Al Tujjar
Marowa Al Tujjar
مديرة القسم الصحفي - كاتبة و محررة إقتصادية متخصصة بالعملات الرقمية

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