Daily Gold Analysis 02-12-2019

Daily Gold Analysis 02-12-2019

Gold is still trading within a narrow transverse range Between the resistance 1466 dollars and support 1448 dollars per ounce.

With the opening of the markets gold began to fall from the highest price reached last week, increased the negative on gold with the rise of commodity currencies and this analysis of daily gold 02-12-2019.

If gold breaks the $ 1466 level, the path will be open up towards $ 1483-1491.

In case of breaking levels 1450 – 1448 Gold will continue to fall to 100% levels at $ 1408.

Daily Gold Analysis 02-12-2019

Marowa Al Tujjar
Marowa Al Tujjar
مديرة القسم الصحفي - كاتبة و محررة إقتصادية متخصصة بالعملات الرقمية

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