Dash is sending bearish signal to cryptocurrency


Dash cryptocurrency; decline about 60% from the highest price of May 24th, 2019, unfortunately, it broke below 200 and 100 days moving average.

There is one bearish signal which is under construction in case it complete then we will see more bearish sequence will push Dash to break the lowest price, below $56.

So what will be the case to make Dash rebound to bullish sequence?

  1. Break above $98 in a daily bases.
  2. The Diversion between RSI 14 and Candlestick, to push the price higher.
  3. Close one day above the broken trendline.
  4. keep trading above the bottom of 29th August at $77.

So when to buy Dash again and how to trade on this Cryptocurrency?

  1. Buy from $84 with Stop loss at $76.5.
  2. Buy from $98.5 with Stop loss at $76.5.
  3. The targets are $118 then $148.


In case Dash break below $76.5 then we must wait to re-test the lowest price at $56 to buy again.

On Forex and margin market:

Sell the currency from $93 with Stop loss at $98.5 with target $79, then follow the same instruction as above.

In case Dash break below $76.5 then the short position is likely to be better – with high risk and target $60.

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Ahmad Alsheikh Ali
Ahmad Alsheikh Ali
BorseClub Founder, Trading and Development Manger

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