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Know more about the Equilateral side model AB = CD

Equilateral side model AB = CD: One of the most important models of the trend of prices when the price reached the point D.

In addition, it means that the price can be reflected from bearish to upward or vice versa and should know that a model may have been extended in the second side.

In order to draw this chart, we must use the extended Vipo tool, which has 3 points in the first and second points with the extension of the correction.

 After all, This means that the second leg must end at 100% or 127% and it could be 161%. Consistent with points of view and request.

 Equilateral side model - AB = CD

Objectives of the Equilateral  side model:

  • B at the point
  • C at the second point
  • A third at the point

Equilateral  side model AB = CD levels

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Marowa Al Tujjar
Marowa Al Tujjar
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