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Euro zone CPI and PMI results worse than expected


Euro zone CPI and PMI results

On Friday 4th of Jan 2019, Euro zone economy published many economic result to give more hints about Euro Zone economy health.

PMIs results started with Manufacturing and Service Private Sector the result shows the actual result is 51.1 for December 2018.

The result expected to be 51.3 while the previous read for November 2018 was 51.3.

Euro services PMI also shows a real slow in services sector for Euro Zone, where PMI result became 51.2 points

The result is worse than the expected at 51.4 points and less than November 2018 result at 51.4 points.

Core CPI excluding Energy and Food on yearly bases shows no difference than expected and previous month result at 1.0%

Euro Zone CPI includes products for Dec result is disappointing since it is worse than expected and less than November result.

CPI December 2018 result at 1.6% reduced by 0.3% from November and less than expected by 0.2%

ECB is targeting 2.0% as the Inflation target for the bank, and the result shows decline and could decline more next month due to OIL price drop.

So ECB will look again into monetary policy and postpone the rate hike – which is expected on 2019 summer time –

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