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Everything you need to know about Everex EVX cryptocurrency


Everex (EVX) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform . It is a peer-to-peer platform designed to solve the difficult task of transferring funds across international borders.

Everex EVX cryptocurrency platform Ethereum
Everex cryptocurrency

What it does is it offers cross-border transactions through the Blockchain network.

In addition, The company aims primarily to improve its current payment methodology with a number of products including; Ethplorer, Cryptocash, Chainy and Everex portfolio.

Advantages of Everex (EVX):

  • ecured by the Ethereum blockchain, and in partnerships with local banks, Evx lets you send, receive and safely keep stablecoins and digital assets in a secured digital wallet.
  • Your money will be securely stored on blockchain.
  • Your recipient will receive transfer or payment within 1 minute. We don’t take any fees and exchange at the lowest market rates.

The Everex Wallet is the natural home for your Stablecoins, ERC20, and Security Tokens.

  • Everex offers a host of Stablecoins, pegged to the current exchange value of an ever-growing set of National Currencies, such as USD, EUR, THB, and more.
  • Everex is building a global network, allowing you to hold, use, exchange, and withdraw your digital assets easily.
  • Use the Everex Wallet for cost effective Foreign Exchange swaps, a Travel-Money solution, and Crypto-to-Fiat gateway – Learn More

The Everex  codes can be stored in any Ethereum wallet. These purses include, MyEtherWallet and many more.

All the user has to do is first download the wallet and finish setting up.

There are also hardware wallets that provide secure storage for EVX codes. After that, Some hardware wallets you may want to buy include the Nano S and Trezor.

In conclusion, Everex announced that its project has been able to obtain approval, New Jersey, USA, for use in domestic as well as international transactions.

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