Forex market – latest updates for the major pairs

In this report we will give you the most important updates and updates in the forex market for the most important  commodities, metals and currency pairs:

Currency pairs:

The EUR / USD pair fell in yesterday’s trading at 1.1 points and lost 0.1%.

The market opened today, falling as much as 37.8 points and losing 0.33% at 7:30 GMT.

For the GBP / USD pair, it rose 26.2 points in yesterday’s trading and gained 0.21%.

But at the opening of the market today it fell 28 points and lost 0.22% at 7:32 am GMT.

The NZD / USD pair dropped 19.5 points in yesterday’s trading with a 0.29% loss.

At today’s opening, the market was down 21.1 points and losing 0.32% at 8:01 am GMT.

The USD / JPY dropped 1.3 pips in yesterday’s trading with a 0.15% loss.

In today’s opening, the market continued to fall 3.6 points, losing 0.38% at 7:14 am GMT.

For the most important commodities and metals in the Forex market:

Gold: The price of gold against the US dollar did not show any clear movement and remained in the stability closer to the decline.

However, At the opening of the Asian market today, it dropped 205 points and lost 1.46% at 9:50 am GMT.

Oil: The price of oil fell against the US dollar at 113 points and a loss of 1.91% in trading yesterday.

The opening of the Asian market today rose to 199 points and a gain of 3.43% at 10:01 GMT.

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Hassan Hadaoui
Hassan Hadaoui
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