Latest updates for currencies, oil and gold

In the BorseClub we provide a daily report on the news of the most important currency pairs of currency, gold and oil and the article of the US dollar in the Forex market.

We focus on everything that matters to the trader and connect him to the results of his satisfaction without deceit or exaggeration.

We will start by talking about the most important developments of the most important pairs of speculations in the Forex market:

The EUR / USD pair did not show clear trading yesterday.

At the opening of the market today, it was cut to 5.6 points, gaining 0.05% at 8:31 am GMT.

After the NZD / USD pair was significantly higher last week, in yesterday’s trading it started to drop.

Where it dropped 1.3 points with a loss of 0.02%.

Moreover, The day’s opening was up 11.2 points and 0.17% at 8:40 am GMT.

The Aussie dollar rose in yesterday’s trading at 29.6 points and lost 0.43%.

On the day, the market opened up 5.0 points and gained 0.07% at 8:44 am GMT.

The USD / JPY fell 55.3 points in yesterday’s trading and gained 0.51%.

The market opened at 15.8 points today and lost 0.16% at 8:50 am GMT.

The most important Forex news in commodities and metals:

Gold: The price of the dollar against the dollar rose 336 points and a gain of 2.43% in trading yesterday.

However, At the opening of the Asian market today, the price of gold rose 690 points and a gain of 0.49% at 8:40 am GMT.

Oil: The price of oil against the US dollar rose 288 points and 4.87% gain in trading yesterday.

At the opening of the Asian market today, oil rose 12 points and gained 0.22% at 8:53 am GMT.

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Hassan Hadaoui
Hassan Hadaoui
Writer and Economist
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