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Has football become an economic game?

Many football fans wonder about the source of all these investments and the money being pumped into sports clubs. The question turns into a daze when we hear about players’ transfer deals, their imaginative wages, the value of world championships, and the surprise of the heated race between countries to host World Cup and similar sports competitions.



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Any return please from all these sports investments? And how do these revenues generate? Are we facing a competitive sport or economic and political competition between countries and, most important of all, who really wins the game of football? Is it really just a game?

Football, although a game, but it exceeded the limits of the label and the significance of the character beyond the play ball until it reached the game to play economy and politics to play with the minds


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The return to the economic approach to sports competitions shows us that the criteria of profit and loss exceed the established and accepted that the team or the team that was able to achieve the greatest number of goals or points is the winner alone, the competing teams and the encouraging masses is only a facade that adorns the public scene and bring him attention .

It is like a football match with a game of nations.

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investments investments investments

Here are the 10 richest players around the world:

1- Cristiano Ronaldo:-

This name has a wide fame and great impact.

He has more than 153 million people following his personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

No wonder uh has huge partnerships with international companies such as Nike, Herba Life, EA Sports and others.

While his fortune was estimated at $ 450 million.

2- Lionel Messi:

Messi’s fortune is reportedly $ 400 million, and that figure is on the increase because the 31-year-old star has earned $ 60 million a year.

3-Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

The fortune of the Swedish star was estimated at $ 190 million, and he received many awards, including the Golden Boot and the goal of the year.

4. Neymar Jr. da Silva:

The Paris Saint-Germain star is among the richest among footballers in the world with a $ 185 million fortune for his huge advertising contracts with international companies.

As well as his big salary with his Parisian team.

5-Wayne Rooney:

Rooney has a lot of popularity in the world of football because of his superb skill and fighting spirit on the pitch and his wealth is estimated at $ 160 million.

6. Ricardo Kaka:

Brazil’s second-richest player, and Kaka’s wealth is estimated at $ 105 million. Due to his large sponsorship contracts with international companies such as Adidas, WiseP and Hyundai.

7. Raul Gonzalez:

The most famous striker in the history of Spanish football has a fortune of $ 100 million after a successful football match with Real Madrid, Schalke 04.

Qatar Dam and New Cosmos is one of the most prolific players in history. But also one of the historic goalscorers of the Champions League.

But also one of the historic goalscorers of the Champions League.

8-Samuel Eto’o:
The $ 95 million fortune of the former Cameroonian star has proven to be crucial for African players to have the skills to play in the world’s biggest clubs.
He began his career at Real Madrid through Real Mallorca, Barcelona and Inter Milan, and now represents Qatar’s Qatar club.

9. Ronaldinho:

The third Brazilian name on the list and one of the most skilled players in the history of football.
He spent a golden spell with FC Barcelona and led them to the crown of many local and European tournaments and won the World Player of the Year award as well as other individual awards.
His fortune is estimated at $ 90 million.

10. Frank Lampard:

One of the most famous stars of English football, went his way into the world of training after he retired from football and was the technical director of the Derby County English team.
His fortune is $ 90 million.

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