Learn more about the head and shoulders model

Head & Shoulders is a strong harmonic model consisting of 3 tops or 3 bottoms to be a support line between bottoms or bottoms called neckline, detailed explanation on the chart

Head & Shoulders is one of the most important technical analysis tools you should learn in the forex market to be a good trader.

Because the technical models give the analyst some guidance on the movement of the market are forms or models are fixed and repeated frequently, Howeverit is characterized by the high success rate.

Features Head and Shoulders Model Head & Shoulders:

bottoms - neckline - model - Head & Shoulders

1-The model may be completely inaccurate.

2 – The goal is the same distance between the head and neckline,

3- In addition,it is possible that one shoulder is higher than the other.

4-the neckline is the point of separation that gives the entry signal to the transaction.

5- In conclusion, Target may be cut at 70% of the main objective of this target is set at 70% to secure the deal.

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Marowa Al Tujjar
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