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Morning report of the best opportunities


Morning Report of the most important opportunities, In this report we will follow the good opportunities according to the wave analysis of the most important currencies, commodities, metals and indicators.

  • gold is one of the most important metals

After the movement of gold on 13/8/2019 the expected falling and as we told you we expect more downside for gold.

Therefore, the stability of 1534.81 supports the continuation of the falling to lower levels.

Preferably looking for a new selling point after the correction

According to the Elliot  wave analysis, gold fell with a five-wave This means that the downward will continued over the next period.

  • 30 min time GOLD frame

metals commodities
metals commodities

  • Dow Jones one of the important indicators :

After the rise on 13/8/2019 the index has become unclear at the moment so prefer not to risk until the movement becomes clearer.

However, the stability of the latest point of 25772 Supports the continuation of the rise to the next higher levels
  • 30 min time US30 frame

indicators metals

  • Texas Crude Oil – Black Gold

Continuation of the rise yesterday 13/8/2019 opening the way up further, we expect the continuation of the rise on oil steadily yesterday’s lowest point.

However, the lowest point 54.09 is expected to continue falling to lower levels so it is preferable to wait for the bearish correction to make the movement clearer.

  • 30 min time WTI frame

indicators commodities

 Dollar Index :

After climbing on 13/8/2019 as shown in yesterday’s analysis.

That coming out of the wave triangle and going up will continue a bit.

Does the falling reflect or continue the rise on the dollar index?

Looking at the chart, we observe the dollar movement is only a correction and we expect the decline after the correction.

However, the downside is confirmed by breaking the lowest point shown in the chart.

  • 30 min time USDINDX  frame:

indicators metals commodities report

Pound to Dollar:

Stability of the lowest point supports the pair’s rise to higher levels?

We expect this to happen but the lowest point the downside continues.

Prefer not to risk the pair and caution the next period.

  • 30 min time GBPUSD frame



Will the rise continue after the last drop yesterday 13/8/2019?

The rise of the euro depends on the weakness of the dollar but currently the dollar is a bit strong so you should not risk the pair now

  • 30 min time EURUSD frame

currencies report

Dollar to Yen:

As we expected yesterday 13/8/2019 the rise of the pair.

It actually went up but will the rise continue?

This depends on the stability of the lowest point 105.04 since prices are above this lowest point .

  • 30 min time USDJPY frame:



Since the pair is still trading above the lows of 0.6676, the upside is closer to the downside in the coming days.

But the bottom of the lowest point we expect more downside.

  • 30 min time AUDUSD frame


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