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NFP results and USD rate hike

USD analysis after NFP

which published Last Friday beat the exception specially with drop of unemployment rate which become 3.8 down from 3.9 which is the lowest ever since 1998, US economy added 223 K job in government sector and 218 K jobs in private sector, this data will keep the the view of rate hike on June on track specially with the increase on average earn by 0.3% on monthly bases and 2.7 by yearly bases.
US economy also publish last week the growth data but it came worse than expected by 0.1 point, while first quarter GDP slow down from 2.3 to 2.2 but this data is not bad and will not impact the decision of rate hike specially when the inflation is still holding 1.8 as per data published last week.
US Dollar still strong enough but correction must happened soon, to give the green currency a push towered 98. As per chart below, US Index might go lower next week to hit 92 area before start moving higher again.

USD Dollar
USD Index

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