Pin Bar Candlestick – What Are They?

What is a pin bar candlestick?

The pin bar candlestick is one of the forms of Japanese candlesticks. When this candle appears, it gives a price movement signal.

Moreover, This candlestick is used mainly to determine the move of the price direction.

Furthermore, The accuracy of the candle is good. This candle is used in the chart to supplement your analysis with a technical analysis tool.

Pin Bar candlestick

Candle Characteristics:

  • The shape of the tail is long if we compare it to its body.
  • The body of the candle is very small.
  • The tail of the candle will be great if we compare it to the candles that it accepted.
  • The shape of the candle is long and down and the candle body is on top.

One of the candlestick patterns:

Pin Bar candlestick

– Do not use this purchasing candle alone, but be helpful after the completion of technical technical analysis of the pair in case the analysis on the upward trend and found this candle to enter the purchase because it has confirmed the beginning of the price trend.
– The pin bar is a reflective candle of the trend always comes after the downward trend and reflect it to become bullish, characterized by this candle long tail and the body of the candle is very small.

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