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Pundi X NPXS cryptocurrency and what the nature of the use of it


Pundi X NPXS aims to use cryptocurrency as a way of actually paying for retailers and consumers alike.

Applying technology to a series of real-world use cases such as cards and XPOS POS devices, the team has designed products that can accept the NPXS code for goods and services.

Through the objectives of supporting retail and marketing programs as well as inventory and demand management systems.

Pundi X Point-of-Sale can help support digital commerce worldwide.

What is Pundi X Open Platform?

Open Platform supports blockchain developers, digital asset issuers and businesses to freely apply and list their customized digital assets in the Pundi X payment system, including XWallet, XPOS and XPASS cards.

Developers and merchants can now easily make their digital assets available for online payment scenarios.

Open Platform will first support the ERC20 codes and then later expand to include digital assets from other blockchain.

Deploy applications on your Pundi XPOS

Based on Android 7.0, Pundi XPOS has its own app store. Developers can deploy applications that target retailers.

Such as cryptocurrency transactions, portfolios, financial or insurance services, membership or loyalty program, delivery management and more to meet needs in different countries

Deploying an application on the Pundi XPOS App Store requires NPXS codes and NPXS is a default token to settle the in-app payment process.

Depending on the type of different developers, we charge up to 30% of processing fees at NPXS.

The Pundi X nodes will delete this type of NPXS symbol

Pundi X NPXS tokens can also be used as loyalty prizes for deducting the transaction amount.

It will encourage consumers to use Pundi X to make purchases.

It also helps shopkeepers increase revenue, customer satisfaction and increase Pundi X’s business network

  • Advertisers, developers and the ad network can place ads through the Pundi X advertising platform.
  • Ad content and placement can be consumer ads on the Pundi XPOS side screen, ads on receipts, store owner notification ads, membership ads, Pundi XPASS cards ads, and ads on successful payment notice.

Why Pundi X Open?

To provide developers with increased use cases and a symbolic user base by supporting customized online payments and tokens in Pundi X’s

To provide token holders and users with more places and scenarios to easily use their different digital assets.

To encourage merchants to adopt payment of digital assets, from different ERC20 tokens and different custom cards, to other digital assets on different combinations
Digital currency

Pundi X NPXS cryptocurrency  retailers

Why Pundi XPOS?

In addition to cryptocurrencies and financial transactions, XPOS can also support retail intelligence, inventory management, order management and even marketing and loyalty programs. In short, XPOS is an integrated solution for retailers.

  • Acceptance of digital assets as payment.
  • Increase the value of store features through smart clearing system.
  • Spend and acquire digital assets.
  • Support for BTC, ETH, NPXS, XEM, QTUM, BNB, XLM and other common digital assets.
  • Support digital asset payment cards, such as Pundi XPASS.
  • Support mobile payment applications.
  • Payment-based blockchain support.
  • Create a consumer credit history to reduce financial risk.
  • Provide a portal for financial service providers.
  • Support loyalty or membership management system.
  • Support system of promotional rewards and NPXS.
  • Support third-party delivery and logistics providers.

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Marowa Al Tujjar
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