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What do you know about Ren


Ren is the first and only protocol that provides access to liquidity between blockchain for all decentralized applications. Blockchain technology has proven itself as a viable platform for trading and other more advanced financial applications.

In addition, the future where users would control their own data, and developers could build application logic on an untrusted distributed computer.

How do I access any code in Blockchain or transfer it?

Access tokens from any blockchain using your existing smart contracts without worrying about canceling tokens.

RenVM decentralized


Offline connection infrastructure and what is RenVM?

RenVM, a virtual machine is reliable and decentralized.

RenVM acts as an engine running Ren.

Use RenVM to expand the capacity of existing apps or create entirely new business situations within the decentralized world.

Multilateral secure accounts provide a privacy layer for decentralized applications, allowing lending, exchange, private and interoperable guarantees and more.

The foundation of how to keep your data in RenVM confidential

The process is very simple:

The secret is divided into multiple entries, where participants in the secret sharing scheme need the majority of parts to be able to rebuild the secret.

Traders conducting large OTC trades are no longer at risk of counterparties failing to respect the trade.

How RenVM manages the entire process:

They have created our modern sMPC algorithm that allows Darknodes, which are unreliable, to run scripts jointly without revealing any script input or output to anyone, not even on devices running RenVM.

Using a new secure multilateral calculation algorithm, RenVM provides one of the only practical solutions for interoperability privacy that can be expanded and is the only one that allows a special calculation to be performed on multiple inputs and multiple terminals.د

Assets are integrated across a chain such as Bitcoin and Zcash in DEX or the current liquidity pooling infrastructure.

Take advantage of your smart non-custodial contracts to ensure cross-assets.

In addition, Ren is designed on top of a decentralized virtual machine known as RenVM. This virtual machine is replicated across thousands of devices that work together to operate it, contributing to its network bandwidth, computing power, and storage. These machines are known as Darknodes.

Darknodes continues with other Darknodes around the world to keep RenVM running.

Without them, there is no virtual machine on which Ren can exist. RenVM uses Byzantine error compatibility algorithms and secure multilateral accounts so that Darknodes can be run by anyone without having to be trusted.

Ren Blockchain liquidity applications
liquidity Ren

This is what makes RenVM – and therefore the Ren extension itself – decentralized, unreliable and private.

In many ways, RenVM looks like a blockchain. It is decentralized, not trusted.

After that, Anyone can run a node and participate in the operation of the virtual machine.

With Ren, all decentralized applications can be run secretly, keeping all users and data private.

In addition, Scripts can be executed even when some devices are not connected to the Internet or behave maliciously and ensure execution is correct.

In conclusion, How to contribute to ren:

Ren’s community is open to everyone’s contributions. There are several ways you can participate in the project:

Join the Reddit, Twitter and Telegram communities, ask questions, and discuss related topics and upcoming changes with others.

know more:
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