The Best European Cities for Investment In 2020

Real estate in major European cities has had a wild ride in 2019. Brexit was, in theory, going to be taking place toward the beginning of the year and all eyes were on cities outside of the United Kingdom to figure out where it would be the most financially beneficial to invest in a second home. what are the best european cities for investment 2020.

As a result, some cities have experienced an increase in demand quickly and the idea of ​​finding a good investment has become more difficult to obtain. In 2020, she contacted LeadingRE, a global consortium of 565 real estate brokerages in 70 countries, to discover other cities that were showing signs of real estate growth, but that they had not exceeded the minimum profit-taking.

Naples, Italy

أفضل المدن الأوروبية للاستثمار

Since Naples is a favorite destination for holiday goers, it has seen a 15% increase in property sales over the past year. It is now one of the best European cities for investment. By an hour from Rome (by train) on the Mediterranean coast, with a warm climate and the islands of Capri and Ischia nearby, it has become a popular place to live above the most populated city of Rome. Prices start at approximately $ 200 per square foot, compared to start prices at approximately $ 315 per square foot in Rome.

Megeve, France

أفضل المدن الأوروبية للاستثمار

Besides being the site of a Tour de France stage a few years ago, Megève has seen an influx of interest from several different European countries largely attracted to its ski resort identity as part of the Mont Blanc mountain range. For example, according to local agent Antonin Allard, buyers from Britain have increased from 5% to 15% over the past twelve months and those from Switzerland account for 25% of sales compared to 20% in 2018.

Property prices typically start under $500,000 for two-bedroom chalet-style condos or freestanding cottages. One sure sign of the surge in interest is the luxury Four Seasons hotel was just one of a several hotels that opened in the past year.

Hérvár, Hungary

Street musician in Szekesfehervar, Hungary

This secondary market has a 17% increase in home sales when compared to 2018, largely thanks to a major upgrade to the rail link between Budapest and Székesfehérvár.

“The country’s economic prosperity and strong real estate growth make it an attractive option for those looking to invest,

and we’re seeing increasing interest from across Europe for Székesfehérvár’s attractive stock,” said Dietz.

“Investors also from neighboring Turkey are attracted to the 2,000-year history and culture as well as the favorable prices compared to other more well-known European coastal hubs.’’

Batumi, Georgia


This coastal city is the third largest city in Georgia and home to the famous Black Sea resort. Currently, there are no restrictions on the height of new buildings, so developers and buyers alike are increasing this opportunity. According to data from Batumi Expert, the cost of building new homes was around $ 37 per square foot and most buyers in this city are from abroad. An estimated 22,752 houses (including single beds and condominiums) were built during the period 2018 to 2019 in response to the growing demand.


Porto, Portugal

City Porto (Oporto) at Rio Douro. The old town is listed as UNESCO world heritage. Portugal. Europe

Lisbon’s list last year included a good place to invest in a second home, but the growth was so great during 2019 that it was hard to find good deals in homes. The best place to look is Porto, where house prices are still 30% lower than Lisbon despite a 15% increase in closed sales, according to Rita Ribeiro of INS Portugal. Demand has increased both due to the relatively more expensive homes in Lisbon and because there is a change in rental laws making it more suitable for realtors to make a profit.

Portugal is also considered one of the lowest places for obtaining a golden visa to obtain European citizenship.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam Skyline with Erasmus Brug bridge at sunset in morning in Rotterdam, Netherlands

After Amsterdam, this is the largest city in the Netherlands. It is one of the best European cities for investment at the moment.

Prices here have risen around 10% since last year, with average selling prices averaging around $ 295 per square foot, although the average is around 20% higher in building new homes.

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The Best European Cities for Investment In 2020

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