The British are waiting for Brexit and the Eurozone to improve

The British passed the general election on 12th of this month, Boris Johnson, confessed with “deep regret” on the deadline of the Brexit deadline, and the leader of the Brexit party Nigel Farage, confirmed that he will not run.

The British Boris Johnson
The British

Johnson stated

“I am deeply disappointed” for not sticking to the deadline for getting the UK out of the EU.

Which he failed to make despite repeated promises to “do or die.”

Instead, Johnson asked EU leaders to extend.

He was granted until January 31 next year, despite his earlier statements, that he “prefers to die in a trench” rather than ask for it.

On the other hand, a report by “Reuters” said Nigel Farage, leader of the British junior Brexit party on Sunday, he will not run in elections next month.

Instead, he chooses to campaign across the country against the disengagement from the European bloc.

Promoted by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

  • Boris Johnson is facing a police investigation into allegations of electoral fraud following accusations by the Conservative Party that he had been brought to the attention of leading figures in the “Brexit” party, The Independent said.

Brexit – privileges in an attempt to convince them not to run in the general election

Scotland Yard said it was looking into two allegations after Nigel Farrag claimed.

The leader of the Brexit party said he and eight other people in his party were offered a place in the House of Lords.

If the allegations were substantiated, the paper said.

the conservatives could be left open to charges of illegal bribery.

Johnson denied that anyone in the Brexit party offered him any privileges.

The news came as a former adviser to the capital’s police chief and prosecutor called for an investigation into what he called “very serious allegations.”

Lord Falconer, who was Tony Blair’s chancellor, wrote:

“I think these allegations raise serious questions about the integrity of the upcoming general elections.

especially whether senior members of the conservative election campaign headquarters or the prime minister have violated two parts of the People’s Representation Act 1983

  • LONDON (Reuters) – Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon has said she will ask for a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom next year, even if a vote to leave the European Union is canceled.

According to the newspaper “The Times” British.

The prime minister said the UK’s 2016 vote to leave the EU was a “material change in circumstances”

that merited a second Scottish independence referendum.

Liberal Democrats and the Greens are heading to the general election and have promised to abolish the Brexit vote.

Labor said it would negotiate a new exit deal.

The spokeswoman for the Prime Minister confirmed that she would continue to press for a referendum on independence at the end of 2020.

Even if British voters chose to remain in the EU

The European Commission has sponsored legal measures against the UK.

Given the failure of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

to propose a candidate for the post of Commissioner of the European Union.

UNHCR also gave the UK a deadline of 22 November to respond.

He justified the reason for the short duration by the fact that the new Commission should take over as soon as possible.

The Commission rejected the explanation given by the British government.

“The United Kingdom as a Member State within the Union.

It shall not invoke the prevailing provisions of its domestic legal order to justify its failure to respect the obligations arising under the law of the Union.

  • Euro zone inflation stabilized during October
  • Inflation in the euro zone was stable in October year on year, according to analysts’ expectations.
  • Eurozone consumer price index held steady at 0.7% in October on a yearly basis.
    It is the same as reading the previous September.
  • Analysts had expected Eurozone CPI to stabilize at 0.7% in October, to be in line with expectations.
  • The euro is currently trading at 1.1027 levels, up 0.05% against the US dollar.
  • Eurozone industrial production rose in September for the second month in a row, beating expectations as higher production in France and the Netherlands offset the decline in Germany and Italy, official estimates showed on Wednesday.
  • Federal Reserve Vice President Louis de Gundos said Monday.
  • That the Federal Reserve will not reach the limits of the monetary easing program “soon” and added, “We are fully aware that the policy of the Federal Reserve has created side effects.”
  • The European Commission has initiated legal measures against the UK.

Given the failure of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

to propose a candidate for the post of Commissioner of the European Union

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