How a thousand dollars eventually become $ 4 million

Teen Bitcoin millionaire Eric Feynman revealed the secret behind his rich and rapid wealth, indicating that he did not follow the traditional path of wealth, claiming that he was able to transfer a thousand dollars gave him to his grandmother to raise his own to more than 4 million dollars at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 to become one of the young millionaires Self-taught in the world.

Beginning of the story

The story of a young man called Feynman, who was unsuccessful in his high school, began.

Indeed, he faced many attitudes with his teachers at school that made him feel frustrated.

He was then expelled from high school but was inspired by new and encouraging ideas from the codes he loved online.

At the age of 12, his grandmother gave him $ 1,000, at the suggestion of his older brother Scott, who advised him to buy bitcoin, at which time the price of one bitcoin was $ 12.

Feynman converted his money into Bitcoin, rather than spending it on games and trips.

Veneman succeeded in winning the challenge he had with his father, who vowed not to force him to learn if he became a millionaire.

The young boy has already succeeded thanks to his savvy in cryptocurrency investments, having made $ 100,000 from his first investment

Feynman decided to strengthen his online activities and launch the Botangle platform.

which specializes in high-quality teaching videos and lessons from teachers and professors to the student audience.

The situation was the same and he did not have any bitcoin at the time, but he was constantly following the news.

It began to emerge from the crisis, and in January 2015 received an offer from someone interested in buying his platform from him for $ 100,000 or 300 Bitcoin.

He chose cryptocurrency rather than cash, becoming a celebrity thanks to the rise of Bitcoin and its timely entry into the market.

 4 million dollars   Bitcoin  Eric Feynman thousand
4 million dollars Eric Feynman thousand

Record and fast gains

Little by little, Feynman’s Eric Feynman wealth has grown and is now one of the world’s young millionaires.

who now owns more than 4 million dollars

The area of ​​investment was cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

which hit a record price in late 2017 when it reached $ 20,000 per currency.

But it has fallen back on track for the past year.

It returned during the month of May to record gains and rapid as it recorded a rise of up to 50% and the price exceeded the level of seven thousand dollars.

According to Veneman’s statement to Market Watch, which specializes in financial and business news, the economy, stock and currency markets

Bitcoin and other e-currencies offer every day a golden opportunity. ”

“If you don’t take these golden chances and become a millionaire, it will be your fault.”

In spite of all these profits made by the young Veneman, he sees that e-currency

“Threatened to death if a number of problems are not overcome.”

He stressed that the most prominent of these problems and the most important high fees on transfers.

And the long time it takes to send, convert and trade these currencies.

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Marowa Al Tujjar
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