Triangles corrections Elliot Waves

Triangles corrections:

In this report we will explain in brief what does Triangles corrections – Elliot Waves means. As we mentioned in our previous reports there are two types:

  • Simple correction
  • Complex correction

The complex corrections divided into 3 types: Triangles corrections, Flat corrections and Irregular corrections

Characteristics of triangles corrections:

This model continuously shows and differ from other triangles in most of Elliot Waves patterns.

This corrections deceptive because the indicators is out of the model and it becomes difficult to determine the direction.

So we have to analyze the graph in an excellent and high precision manner.

Elliot Waves looks at triangles corrections models as if it’s consisting on five explicit waves A, B, C, D, E.

This pattern of corrections is formed when the waves D is completed and out of the triangles and the duration is setting at waves E.

If the model is completed at waves B then the direction   is to A.

Corrections types and patterns.

In the figure explains in details price changes of corrections 4 types:

  • Symmetric triangle model
  • Rising triangle model
  • Decline triangle model
  • Inverted triangle model ( and this models is rarely happens )


Ahmad Alsheikh Ali
Ahmad Alsheikh Ali
BorseClub Founder, Trading and Development Manger
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