Daily report of the FX pairs and commodities

Trump signed hours before sanctions against Iran. However, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc and the gold began to force After the opening of Asian markets and the weakness of the US dollar slightly.

Are these signs of the dollar returning to strength again?

After another war with another country by the United States of America?

We will show you the most important developments in the movement of currency pairs:

The EUR / USD was up yesterday at 29 pips and gained 0.25%.

The pair boosted its gains to 3.3 points at the market opening today.

It gained 0.03% at 6:35 am GMT.

As for the USD / JPY pair, it rose 0.7 points in yesterday’s trading and gained 0.07%.

At the opening of the market today it boosted the profit up to 2.2 points and it gained 0.23% at 7:18 am GMT.

The New Zealand dollar jumped well at 30.8 points and gained 0.47%.

Moreover, at the opening of the market today, it consolidated its profits up to 20.4 and gained 0.31% at 7:04 am GMT.

Some commodity updates against the USD:

Oil: The price of oil against the US dollar rose 17 points and a gain of 0.29%.

And boosted its profit up to 7 points and gained 0.12% at the opening of the Asian market this morning at 7:32 GMT.

Gold: Gold rose against the US dollar 203.7 and a gain of 1.46%.

Moreover, at the opening of the Asian market today, it increased its profit by 141.2 points and gained 1.00% at 10:43 am GMT.  

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Hassan Hadaoui
Hassan Hadaoui
Writer and Economist
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